Management accountants help in keeping track of the company’s expenses and income and also have significant authority and responsibility in those elements. Any public, private and government agencies can make use of management accountants. The other names for this profile are managerial accountants, industrial accountants and cost accountants.

Basic responsibilities

Recording internal reviews to help the company to bring up a better budget is the first basic responsibility of management accountants.

They also take the role of decision makers, strategists, planners, risk managers and budgeters.

They do not make the primary decisions but the data they collect would help the director or the CEO to make decisions.

Supervise low level accountants who carry out basic accounting tasks like bookkeeping, tax recording, cash flow and fund flow statements.

Analyzing the output of the low level accountants to make budgets and forecasts.

Help in identifying potential opportunities for managing risks

Basic skill set

Management accountants should have a strong foundation in basic accounting, GAAP, taxing policies and analysis of numbers.

Should have knowledge in cost accounting and discounted cash flow

Should have strong communication, persuasion, written, interpersonal and presentation qualities.

Should possess CMA (Certifies Management Accountant) and Chartered Global Management accountant and also a CPA.

Difficulty in hiring

There are a lot of accountants who are well versed in bookkeeping and maintaining the cash flow and the fund flow. However, when it comes to decision making, the management accountants need a deep experience in the field and the understanding of the industry. Thus, finding such personnel is not easy.

Hiring an ineffective person for this role is self suicidal. This job profile is responsible for making many strong and foundational decisions. Though he is not the primary decision maker, his data and analysis prove the backbone for the decision makers to choose a particular criterion. So it is important to choose the best in the industry who has deep knowledge of accounting, working knowledge of the industry and also who has the capability of seeing a big picture to take quality decisions.

This article explains about the importance of a management accountant and his job responsibilities. It also explains the consequences of hiring ineffective employees. Most of the companies choose service providers who would provide the best in the industry resources to take care of the accountant responsibilities. It is like outsourcing the job profile. There are many companies like Yorkshire Accountancy would excel in this area.
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What Would Management Accountants Do for Your Company?
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