Hersh Hines & Autumn Allen

Hersh Hines + Autumn Allen -Partners


Autumn Allen has been in the accounting industry since 1996. Her background includes real estate and construction. Autumn has been a business owner for 18 years of multiple successful companies which include an A/C Sheet metal company and a real estate investment company. The knowledge and expertise she brings to small business owners is like no other! She has a three dimensional mind that gives her the ability to dig into each mom and pop business and bring financial stability, improvement and empowerment to the business owner.

Hersh Hines has over 20 years in sales with a little over 10 of those years in management. His background in sales and management has allowed him to work in a variety of industries making it helpful with our marketing. Working for his own leads in the home and auto financing industry allowed him to use the skills he built from years of working as an outside sales person that has gotten us noticed today. His years of inside sales experience brings integrity, honesty and truthfulness to the company.