Dreading taxes this year? Visit Mom & Pop Tax Shop and let our trained tax preparation specialists help you smile again. We believe that tax time doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, we say taxes can actually be fun! So stop in and let us show you what we mean. From the moment you visit our office, you’ll see that we have fun as we prepare your return. We’ll keep you smiling!

We’ll also help you minimize the amount that you owe the government, helping you find all the write-offs you’re entitled to receive under the law. With these discounts, credits, and deductions, you’ll pay the minimum amount that Uncle Sam deserves from you. You may still end up owing money depending on how much you paid during the year, but the amount you owe will be minimized. And if you’re getting a refund, we can help increase that so you’re getting your fair share back. Our comprehensive tax return service in Tempe will help you ensure that your filing is complete, accurate, and obtains your minimum liability allowed by law.

Tax Return Service In Tempe

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