"After using the same accounting firm for more than 13 years it was a real pleasure to utilize the services that Autumn has available. She is efficient and extremely diligent in her work and I will recommend her without hesitation to my clients, friends and family."

Russel Gundlach

"For many years we used a well known Tax Program for individuals. It wasn't until we lost our home in a foreclosure and needed professional help. I contacted C & A Accounting Services and Miss Alllen addressed all of our tax issues. I also found out I had made many errors that cost me a few hundred dollars over the years. We no longer use a self-prepared program. We trust our personal tax returns to be prepared by C & A Accounting Services."

Art and Cindi Hernandez

Autumn is a woman who operates with the up most integrity. She will work with you to ensure that you are maximizing all your financial possibilities. In addition to bookkeeping Autumn also gives you advice that will help you in the future. I was unaware that something as simple as deducting a higher tax amount from my weekly checks would turn out to help me so much at tax time and Autumn gave me that advice because she knew it was what was best for me. I highly recommend Autumn for all of your bookkeeping needs.

Brittany Gable

Autumn Allen, exemplifies a high level of integrity and personalized service rarely found in any industry. I highly recommend her.

Philip Perrino, Absolute Value Heating & Cooling, LLC

“Autumn, is a pleasure to work with. She is both reliable and knowledgeable in her work.”

Judy Wolfe, CPA, Treasurer for Spotlight Youth Theatre

Starting a small business can be overwhelming. There are a lot of i's to dot and t's to cross. I couldn't have kept it all together, 'dotting' and 'crossing' without Autumn from C & A Accounting Services, LLC. In six months, my business grew to ten states - that meant ten different tax rates and filings, not to mention a 1,200+ item list to maintain and update in Quick Books along with juggling and brainstorming about hundreds of little details that are always cropping up. Autumn has put as much time, attention and passion into my business as if it were her own. I can't thank you enough Autumn for your dedication, your countless hours spent digging through computer files and making adjustments that meet the intricate needs of my business.

Alicia M. Brown,

Breaking up with your accountant of 10 years after moving across the Country and having to file a tax return in another State, in addition to your Federal, sounds like a daunting and exhausting task that you dread having to deal with. At least it was for me! I saw a sign on the corner of Smith Rd and 5th Street and decided to set up an appointment online to see if they could help me do what I needed to get done. I included a note in the Comments section, outlining my situation so they knew what they were dealing with beforehand, so I could come in prepared with no surprises. The very next day, I got a warm and professional voicemail from Hirsch to introduce himself and, as he said, 'Put a voice with the business'. Their location was easy to find and Hirsch was warm and welcoming when I walked in. I had to fill out some 'organizational' paperwork, which he input into the computer, then I was introduced to Autumn who crunched the numbers and got me all setup with efiling and also made some recommendations for changes to make on my W-4 with holdings for this year. She was friendly, professional, and certainly NOT your 'stereo-typical' number-crunching, nerdy-type accountant! Loved the relaxed, but clearly knowledgeable atmosphere, where you can tell they know exactly what they're doing, but are also nice, 'genuine', social people. And, Autumn and Hirsch have a great working 'partnership' and clearly enjoy what they do. It was a good energy in there! Can't forget to mention the 'other lady' that also works there, but I didn't have any interaction with her although she seemed to be a good 'team player' as well. Lol I have found my 'forever' accountants and will be having them handle any/all of my accounting needs from this year forward! Thanks Hirsch, Autumn, and 'other' lady! Ha!

Lia S.

Mom and Pop Tax shop helped with my Quickbooks training. She helped me setup my entire chart of accounts, trained me on invoicing, accounts receivables, accounts payables, payroll, sales tax, and account reconciliations. I highly recommend Mom and Pop Tax shop for a full service accounting and tax company! They go the extra mile to make sure you are beyond taken care of!

Summer W.