Bookkeeping Service in Tempe, AZ

These are the top 10 activities small businesses outsource. Practitioners considering the market can use this list to assess practice development opportunities. For instance, besides cultivating referral relationships with attorneys-at-law, CPAs may find opportunities in business-law areas such as implementation of regulations. In addition, many CPAs find new business in handling “computer technical support” issues, most commonly in bookkeeping and accounting.

  1. Legal issues—68%.

  2. Computer technical support—55%.

  3. Financial advice and management—46%.

  4. Bookkeeping and accounting—35%.

  5. Advertising and marketing—28%.

  6. Payroll—26%.

  7. New customer development—24%.

  8. Accounts receivable—20%.

  9. Collections—14%.

  10. Public relations—10%.

Source: D&B 21st Annual Small Business Survey.

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