As the economy worsens, the IRS will step up its auditing and tax review processes. Don’t get caught in a costly IRS Audit, put our expertise to work for you to protect you, your business and your family, call us today for a FREE Tax Evaluation.

Don’t overpay one red cent on your income tax another year. We have helped thousands of Houstonians reduce their taxes, and we want to help you too!

Income taxes will cost more than your home mortgage, retirement contributions, and your children’s college education. Everyone has to pay taxes but if you live in Tempe you do not need to be one of the millions of American’s that overpay their Federal Income Tax each year. Mom & Pop Tax Shop knows how to handle the tough issues that face many taxpayers. My team knows what to do when the IRS comes calling, and more importantly we know how to organize your tax records to actually reduce your likelihood of being selected for an IRS audit in the first place.

Income Tax Preparation in Tempe

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