Welcome to Mom & Pop Tax Shop, located in Tempe, AZ.

Just as our name says we are for the Mom & Pop Entrepreneurs! Many people decide to go into business for themselves and when they start out, they start out small until they can build their clientele and expand. One of the most important things about starting a business is handling your finances. Yes, we all know our trade, that is why we started the business but if we don't know how to keep accurate records for our industry we could be losing big time.

Here at Mom & Pop Tax Shop we make accounting easy for Moms, Pops, and Shops! We have over 17 years or Bookkeeping, Sales Tax, Payroll Taxes and Payroll Processing in our office. Our specialty is working with those in the Construction Industry (Contractors, Plumbers, AC Repair, Real Estate Agents, Investors and House Flippers). We also have clients that own Call Centers, Restaurants, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Manufacturing locations, Consultants, Pest Control and even companies that require us to keep track of inventories for them.

If you run your business and it is just you or if you have employees', you want to make sure you are keeping everything in order. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to those just starting out or have been in business for a few years. No company is too small to help! So give us a call!

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Why Choose Us for Bookkeeping? At Mom & Pop Tax Shop we are more than just bookkeepers to our clients. We treat each client’s business as if it were our own. By taking this approach, we are able to see

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Why Choose Us for Payroll? As a business owner you can spend many hours a month performing payroll functions. That is valuable time that you could be spending generating sales, finding new business opportunities, enhancing products or services, or servicing

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Tax Preparation

Why Choose Us for Tax Preparation? Our clients choose us because we are experienced in all facets of tax preparation, including the filing of individual, small business, corporation and partnerships. We will ensure that you consider all of your legal